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Trading Platform

ICDX has chosen Patsystems as the provider of complete exchange solution which includes the trade matching engine, clearing and settlement platform and the front-end pre-trade risk management execution platform.

Using Patsystems' robust and scalable exchange platform, ICDX will run on advanced, ultra low-latency technology. The flexible, internet deployable front-end trading platform will be easy-to-use and suitable for all types of traders. ICDX will benefit from Patsystems vast, global network of customers, which will automatically bring thousands of traders to the ICDX market.

Dealers, brokers and their clients will be able to connect to ICDX trading platform through multiple forms of connectivity such as leased lines, dial-up, multi protocol label switching, internet either using J Trader front end provided by the Exchange or by Independent Software Vendors(ISVs) .


J-Trader is more widely used by traders, than any other front-end. A widely distributed and market-leading application.J-Trader is simple to deploy, easy to use, and provides all the functionality you would expect of a successful and versatile front-end. It is the ideal all-purpose trading tool.

J-Trader provides direct access to all the leading exchanges and includes the following benefits:
  1. Full pre-trade risk management
  2. Futures, options and forex trading from the same screen
  3. Advanced functionality, such as multi-exchange spreading and one-click scalping
  4. Customisable windows
  5. Real-time profit and loss
  6. Protection of orders with trailing stops and brackets
  7. Real-time position update
  8. Integrated advanced charting functionality with over 70 technical indicators, efficient backtesting and flexible representations including candlesticks, bar charts and Market Profile
  9. Single and multiple account trading
  10. Deployable on internet, WAN, LAN, leased lines, etc


  1. JTrader Application for DEMO (Release version
  2. JTrader Application for LIVE Trading (Release version
  3. JTrader User Guide
  4. Latest Java Run Time Environment (JRE)
  5. JTrader Quick Guide
  6. JTrader Panduan Pengguna
  7. Promark 5.6.2
  8. Install GTX Application
  9. Smart Trader (Release version 4.5.1)
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