Hatta: No Export Tax Incentive

Indonesia’s Chief Economics Minister Hatta Rajasa said the government would not give any “incentives” that would pave the way for Freeport Indonesia, a unit of US gold and copper mining giant Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, to escape the export duties on copper concentrates.

He added that the policy to impose export duties is…

Industri Sawit Menjadi Penyelamat

Kabar baik sedang menyelimuti industri sawit nasional. Tahun ini, harga minyak sawit mentah (crude palm oil/CPO) diperkirakan menggeliat lagi. Jika harga CPO sekarang berada pada level US$ 900-950 per metrik ton (MT), tak lama lagi harga komoditas tersebut merangkak naik ke kisaran US$ 1.100 per MT. Alhasil, ekspor CPO yang sudah berbulan-bulan anjlok…

Ekspor CPO Bisa Tembus US$ 24 M

Kalangan pelaku usaha meyakini prospek industri kelapa sawit nasional tahun ini cukup menjanjikan. Harga minyak sawit mentah (crude palm oil/CPO) dan produk turunannya di pasar internasional diprediksi mampu menembus US$ 1.100 per ton. Hal itu berpotensi mendongkrak ekspor CPO hingga ke level US$ 24,2 miliar.

Kenaikan harga dipicu oleh berkurangnya…

Indonesia Wants to Keep Commodity Refining at Home

Indonesia has an unusual message for China: Stop buying our raw minerals. Indonesian mines account for about 16 percent of the world’s mined nickel supply and about 18 percent of its bauxite, used to make aluminum. China has been importing ever-larger amounts of these and other minerals from its Asian neighbor. Yet the more the Chinese buy,…

Indonesia Dec. Tin Exports Seen Rising to 7,000T-8,000T

Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) --  That will give annual shipments of 85,000t-86,000t in 2013, Peter Kettle, research manager at St. Albans, England-based ITRI, writes in report on its website yday.

* “Volumes may decline after that as the catch up is completed and production is reduced by  monsoon…