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A home to some of the world's the largest produces of prime commodities, ICDX aims to serve the underlying regional economic interest as the global trading hub for numerous commodities.

Enterpreneurs and innovation is the heart and core of ICDX. We are looking to grow our companies with talented and committed individuals who stand out from the rest of their peers. We believe that the excitement and opportunity is out there for you and we would love to hear from you.

ICDX searches for the most qualified individuals to join our organization. This means that ICDX hires employees on the basis of their skills, education and experience.

For more information and enquiries please email careers@icdexchange.com
Staff Market Operation
December 2015
Qualification :
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Economics Major or equivalent.
  2. At least 1 year(s) of working in Futures Industry is required for this position.
  3. Have knowledge in Future Trading System Mechanism.
  4. Full-Time position(s) available.
  5. Required language(s): English is a must and also Bahasa Indonesia.
  6. Enjoy workin in shift schedule.
  7. A good team player with ability to work unsupervised and use own initiative
Job Description :
  1. Monitoring that transactions are processed correctly by following the task list
  2. Real-time surveillance of electronic trading activity in order to detect market conditions, positions or transactions that may be indicative of manipulative activity or other activity or conditions that potentially could disrupt the performance of Exchange contracts.         
  3. Keeping the system running 24/7 to processed all the transaction correctly, and also minimize all of the potential risks.
  4. As Customer Service in explaining about trading system and software supporting system to members.
  5. Acting responsively during high volatility in the markets
  6. First line contact to member’s trading and system functionality questions and issues
  7. Daily operations, reports and assist with projects as needed.
Staff Data Analyst
December 2015
Qualification :
  1. Bachelor degree in mathematics, IPK > 3,25
  2. Having excellent analysis skill
  3. Enjoy analysis jobs
  4. Able to work in team and in high demand environment
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skill in English
  6. Fresh graduated with deep understanding for : Basic statistic, probability theory, mathematic computation and calculus are welcome to apply.
Job Description :
  1. Collecting Data.
  2. Analyze and Interpreting data by Statistical Method
  3. Presenting data in graphical presentation.
  4. Communicating with vendor to get data comparation in english.
February 2015
Qualification :

Reporting to the CEO, the ideal candidate for this position should be innovative, focused, disciplined, charismatic, and show strong leadership skills. He/she should have creative vision and a passion for the Exchange and Clearing industry. The candidate should be able to effectively lead and communicate with their team and have an intrinsic determination to inspire the team showing their optimal performance.

Excellent decision making skills are required, with ability to co-ordinate with other team while running of the team inside the company.

He/she should have postgraduate degree in business, finance or related field; 5 years as Director in financial industry experience, experience in Exchange is a plus; fluent in English both written and oral, capable of translating with great attention to detail, ability to interpret simultaneously.

Job Description :

Indonesia Commodity and Derivative Exchange (ICDX) is currently recruiting for a Director that support the CEO and expand the team’s capacity to develop Good Corporate Governance to lead the management of the company in a professional manner based on the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness and equality.

Develop and implement the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation.
Lead and to give direction the team toward achieving organisation goal within the company regards to its philosophy, mission, strategy, goals and objectives.

Please send your Application Letter and CV to :
Indonesia Commodity and Derivates Exchange. The Capitol 16 (5th Floor) Jl. Prapatan No. 16, Senen, Jakarta 10410 - Indonesia.
Or email to : recruitment@icdexchange.com